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Making a difference with each product sold

Neesh Stores is taking its commitment to sustainable design one step further. As a Business selling products with a minimum 95% repurposed materials and pioneering an entirely sustainable supply chain working exclusively with 2 USA B-CORP Brands Alchemy Goods & Green Guru Gear as featured on their website, Neesh Stores have decided to embed positive climate action into every purchase on their online store. What this means is that each product sold on the website is making a real difference: sponsoring protected reforestation in Madagascar, Mozambique and Kenya to help rebuild natural habitats and lift local communities out of poverty. They plant 2 trees per Order

Each native tree funded by Neesh Stores will be nurtured, planted and protected by a community member living local to one of our 50 active planting sites, absorbing carbon and providing much-needed habitat for endangered wildlife as they grow

🌳 1,000


for every purchase


Tree target These trees are being planted each week across Furthr's reforestation sites, based across Mozambique, Madagascar & Kenya.




Paid Employment
Days Funded As part of their commiment, Neesh Stores is funding the fair wage employment of planters living local to their sites to plant and protect their trees. Read more below!

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Neesh Stores' Commitment : Key Facts


Active Reforestation Sites

1 Hectare

Target Forest Cover


Size in Tennis Courts


Active Project Sites

1 Hectare

Forest cover


Size in tennis courts

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Spotlight... Kenya Sites

With 90% of Kenya's forest cover having been lost over recent decades, Neesh Stores are sponsoring both coastal mangrove & inland Afromontane reforestation. Supported by the Kenyan government, these sites are helping to increase the national forest cover from 7% to 10%.

Seedling Germination

Within the traditional seedling method, locally-collected seeds are germinated within a nursery local to the planting site, using a bag or pot. Once the seedlings reach reach the appropriate planting size, they are then given to the field team to plant.

📍Kanaan nursery, Kenya

Spotlight... Madagascar sites

Neesh Stores' Madagascan reforestation focuses largely on restoring degraded mangrove estuaries on the northern coastline. These mangroves provide stability against erosion, whilst improving ocean health and delivering long-term flood protection for coastal communities.


Furthr and their partners employ communities living local to their project sites to produce, plant, and protect Neesh Stores's trees at a fair local wage. This initial economic incentive provides our planters with the chance to build long-term financial stability, with many previously living in extreme poverty.

📍Ansanitia, Madagascar

Spotlight... Mozambique Sites

Whilst Mozambique has a larget national forest cover, it has lost over 8 million hectares of healthy forests - an area similar to the size of Portugal. Neesh Stores' reforestation focuses on restoring forest cover around key marine hotspots, including Maputo bay.

Furthr x Eden Reforestation Projects

Furthr works closely with world-leading reforestation partner Eden Reforestation Projects to plant protected trees across the globe.

📍Maputo Province, Mozambique