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NCO is proud to announce it is now on the path to becoming a Carbon Neutral business, with the aim of supporting a cultural shift in their workforce’s climate education and engagement. Using the GHG protocol, NCO is working with Furthr on calculating and their offsetting their scope 1-3 emissions as a first step in delivering meaningful climate leadership in the customer care sector.

Alongside this, the NCO team is driving bottom-up change, by delivering personal sustainability to each member of the company, as well as sponsoring reforestation for all staff. In the coming months, NCO will be completing the calculation process and working on an investment portfolio for carbon offsets to account for 2022 emissions.

Impact So Far




Protected Trees
Planted On top of NCO's incoming offset portfolio, NCO's staff are also sponsoring protected reforestation. See more below around the reforestation projects they're funding.


Working Days
Funded This has been calculated across 5+ years of experience in tracking the fair wage employment of our planters living local to NCO's reforestation project sites. Realistically, the true figure here will be slightly more as we are not including the fair wage employment funded as part of NCO's offsetting solutions.


Green Living
Tips Sent

A first look at the NCO staff supported projects

Whilst NCO's emissions accounting is in-flight, NCO's workforce are currently funding protected reforestation across Furthr's east african program.

Reforesting Madagascar

More than 90% of Madagascar's original forest cover has been destroyed due to human activity, displacing entire animal species and significantly reducing water quality. We're helping combat this by planting protected trees each day, and providing paid work for local communities in the process.

Reforesting Mozambique

Mozambique loses over 1000 football fields' worth of forest every day, with 45% of the population living below the poverty line and relying on biodiversity for survival. We're planting trees across 30+ coastal Mozambiquan mangrove sites, whilst providing fair wage employment for communities local to the projects.

Reforesting Kenya

From the highlands to the coast, Kenya has an incredible diversity of forest types that have long-supported communities and wildlife. However, the management of its biodiversity has been unsustainable, with the nation having lost over half of its forests in recent decades. We're planting trees each month across two distinct region: the Great Rift Valley and the North Coast.