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Making a Difference With Juno Points

The easiest way to make a real difference with your Juno Points: sponsor protected reforestation in Madagascar to help rebuild natural habitats and lift local communities out of poverty. Each native Madagascan tree you fund will be nurtured, planted and protected by a community member living local to one of our 93 active Madagascan sites, absorbing carbon and providing much-needed habitat for endangered wildlife as they grow.

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Dec '22



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Paid Employment
Days Funded Our reforestation projects employ teams of planters living local to their site to plant and protect your trees. Read more below!

Key Facts

Lamahi, Nepal


203 Hectares

Site Size

Nepalese Government

Land Ownership


Separate Sites


Local Population


Land Ownership

Site Scroller

Site Locations

The total program currently comprises of over 93 separate sites, largely based across the northern coastline. The majority of the reforesatation focusses on 4 separate coastal mangrove species: Avincinia marina, Bruguiera gumnooshiza, Ceriops tagel & Rhizophora mucronata


Why Madagascar?

More than 90% of Madagascar's original forest cover has been destroyed due to human activity, displacing entire animal species and significantly reducing water quality. We're helping combat this by planting protected trees each day, and providing paid work for local communities in the process.


Employing to Plant

Whilst the site is government-owned, it's also community-managed via Nepal's highly-successful community forest management program. This makes it all-the-more powerful that our site employs staff living across the Lamahi Municipality to restore the degraded forest land at a fair wage.

Mangroves Matter

The Madagascan reforestation supported by the Juno community focusses largely on mangroves across the northern coast. 4 key species are planted: Avincinia marina Bruguiera gumnooshiza Ceriops tagel & Rhizophora mucronata. These species are particularly fast-growing and sturdy - providing much-needed coastal defences along with sinking carbon as they grow.